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The treatment of addictions constitutes a highly complex medical-therapeutic discipline that requires specialists and experts in different areas of the health and psychology of the person, with attention to their particular circumstances, so that they can overcome the addiction.

At the MonteAlminara Addiction Treatment Center, we have a complete team of specialized, multidisciplinary and closely related professionals who intervene in the treatment of addiction, constituting one of the best rehabilitation centers in Marbella, Velez Málaga, Ronda and Antequera .

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Addictions to substances such as drugs (cocaine, cannabis, heroin, pills ...), alcohol or tobacco, and pathological behaviors such as addictions to gambling (gambling), sex or new technologies (mobile phones, internet and video games) are treated in the center with all the professional rigor and guarantee of excellence in the detoxification and rehabilitation processes.

The objective of the rehabilitation centers in Marbella, Vélez Málaga, Ronda and Antequera is to achieve in the patient their personal development and the formation of a free and sincere personality, who can live perfectly happy without having to resort to any type of drug and not feel scared at the time of reintegration into society.

At the MonteAlminara center we promote that the person affected by an addiction progress little by little towards a better quality of life, thanks to structured help interventions adapted to the affected person because each of them may have different needs and different life situations to guarantee the final success of the treatment.

In the rehabilitation centers in Marbella, Vélez Málaga, Ronda and Antequera, treatment starts from scratch with the initial consultation, evaluation of the addict, diagnosis and subsequent intervention. He will be in continuous care by the medical team that makes up the center, making the appropriate decisions in each phase of the process so that the affected person is fully rehabilitated and with encouragement at the end of it.

Each patient has their own recovery period, but the most important thing is to assume the disease and take the first step to achieve reintegration. From our rehabilitation centers in Marbella, Vélez Málaga, Ronda and Antequera we emphasize the importance of family members working with the affected person to help him forget his addiction.

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MonteAlminara is a clinic specialized in treating people with disorders related to the use of psychoactive substances (drugs, alcohol, tobacco) and pathological behaviors such as addictions to gambling, sex or new technologies.

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NICA 37901

We are a center authorized by the Junta de Andalucía in its Information System for Health Centers, Establishments and Services

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