The MonteAlminara Outpatient Center is located in the heart of Malaga, specifically at Calle Peso de la Harina, 21 (near El Corte Inglés). This constitutes an ideal space to attend to those patients who, after having made a complete diagnosis of their condition by the therapeutic team, we can conclude that they do not need to undergo hospitalization because their problems with addictions can be treated effectively in individual therapies. and / or groups, without the need for income.

Following the therapeutic philosophy, the Outpatient Center integrates their close family into the treatment of the patient, in addition to maintaining the level of privacy, individualized treatment and discretion that characterize it.

Addiction treatment in an outpatient center in Malaga center
This is usually the case of patients who, despite having drug use and / or pathological behaviors of an addictive type, still maintain an adequate family, personal, work and social structure; so the income is not necessary.

The patients at the MonteAlminara Outpatient Center are cared for by the same medical-therapeutic team as the center: therapists, psychologists, doctors and psychiatrists. All this in spacious and modern facilities, with individual treatment offices and group rooms for joint therapies with families and patients.

In outpatient care, we can also find patients who have passed their admission treatment, and subsequently undergo a final phase of therapy and follow-up for complete reintegration, and normalized integration in the social, family and work environment.

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