DETOXIFICATION:  When needed, is medically managed with 24 hour medical team supervision.  In this phase medication support may be appropriate to reduce the discomfort of withdrawal symptoms.
CESSATION: Involves breaking the cycle of consuming substances, or behaving in an impulsive manner, through reducing contributing factors of addiction such as; access, opportunity, and personal circumstances.  This change begins by ceasing to "do" the addictive substance or behavior, and may occur before formal treatment begins.
REHABILITATION: To achieve the therapeutic goals, the patient must participate in setting those goals in their individualized treatment plan, and commit to change.  The decision to truly change is aided by individual therapy, group therapy and education designed to develop skills and strategies that allow patients to gain insight and recover personal capacities that appear to have been lost as a result of consumption or impulsive behavior.  The new insight into self creates the incentive to commit to change and true commitment to change is the key to rehabilitation.

AFTERCARE: Individualized continued support throughout early recovery is essential for sufficient implementation and integration of the life skills acquired through rehabilitation.  The stability and enjoyment of sustained recovery may take some time to begin to feel like a "normal" way of life.  For this, a variety of supportive options are available in our program, which are tailored to the needs and circumstances of the patients, to include; re-insertion support in a structured halfway-house setting, continued individual therapy and medical care, and recovery group therapy in our centers.  During this period of early recovery, the shift in quality of life and satisfaction becomes the patient's motivation for maintaining a life of sustained recovery.

FAMILY SUPPORT:  Throughout all phases of the treatment process, patients are encouraged to invite their families to participate in the family focused programs, offering; family educational workshops, family groups, and family therapy sessions.  We understand that families often need support in healing together, while our patients begin a life of recovery.


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