Teacher training

Teacher training

It is carried out in collaboration with the educational and teacher training centres. The objective is to share with the professionals of the education the experience of the experts of the MonteAlminara Center, providing the knowledge and strategies that allow them to recognize and to face the problems of addiction of the students at the beginning, to take the measures Appropriate and to refer to specialized services, as the case may be.

The training and awareness sessions address, on the one hand, the concepts common to all addictions, the specifics of new technologies and all theoretical aspects of prevention and intervention with addictive behaviors.

On the other hand, an eminently practical approach is carried out with the work of real situations that the educators find in their day to day, exposing the specific techniques and tools that they can apply in each context.

Likewise, didactic assumptions are worked that allow to develop all the concepts described in the design of programs of prevention and in the approach of problematic cases.


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