The MonteAlminara Addictions Treatment Center is pioneering a bilingual and bicultural addictions treatment program


  • Offering treatment of English speaking patients in their native language and cultural background, which is essential in the therapeutic process
  • The center offers professional assistance for substance addictions (alcohol and drugs) and pathological behaviors (gambling, new technologies, and sex)


February 10, 2015.- The MonteAlminara Addictions Treatment Center, based in Malaga, has opened a pioneering program in Spain, which is a fully bilingual and bicultural program to treat English speaking patients under the guidance of expert and therapist Matthew Powell, who has extensive experience as program director in rehabilitation centers for the United States Navy both stateside, and in Europe.

The incorporation of the English-speaking program, which is offered in a distinct and specific area within MonteAlminara Center, allows for the treatment of patients not only in their own mother tongue, but "with important similar cultural norms, enhancing the therapeutic connection, which is necessary in all psychological and sociocultural aspects involved in the treatment process", Powell explains, who has been trained at the prestigious Hazelden Foundation in the U.S.

 According to the therapeutic team of professionals, the English-speaking programs apply the "Minnesota model of treatment, which is considered the gold-standard in the treatment of addictions in the United States based on the level of success achieved since the Hazelden Foundation began to implement and evolve the method in the 1950s".

The English speaking program applies evidence based clinical practices to include cognitive behavioral therapy, implementation of individualized treatment plans, and active participation of the family, involvement in community support groups both during and after treatment, and provide comprehensive patient education, offered by a multidisciplinary staff of professionals through intensive therapeutic modalities, seven days a week.


With this program, MonteAlminara incorporates internationally endorsed treatment advances and innovations from English-speaking countries for patients that are residents in Spain or for visitors from elsewhere, who would like to benefit from world-class English-speaking treatment in the beauty of the Costa del Sol.

MonteAlminara Center

The MonteAlminara Center (HYPERLINK "" is a private, fully licensed, clinic specializing in the treatment of people with substance use disorders involving drugs (cocaine, cannabis, heroin, pills ...), alcohol or tobacco, and pathological behaviors such as gambling, sex, or new technologies (smartphone, internet, video games...).


MonteAlminara achieves medical and therapeutic excellence through a multidisciplinary team of highly skilled professionals such as doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, nurses, and educators with extensive experience and expertise in all phases of detoxification, and rehabilitation of patients.

The center provides all treatment in Spanish and English, offered by native English-speaking therapists for maximum linguistic understanding and cultural harmony with the patient. Care is ongoing and individualized for the patient through daily therapy, 24 hour health care and advocacy work with families.

The residential treatment facility is away from urban centers, in the private, peaceful, natural surroundings near the town of Moclinejo, Malaga. MonteAlminara also has an outpatient clinic for aftercare therapy in downtown Malaga.


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