Our addictions treatment programs are designed for the rehabilitation of substance use disorders involving psychoactive substances (alcohol, cocaine, benzodiazepines, cannabis, amphetamines, etc.), impulsive behavioral addictions (gambling, sex, new technologies), and associated mental health conditions. 
Program entry is entirely voluntary, patients may request a voluntary discharge at any time. After the initial assessment by the medical and therapeutic team, we determine the  treatment model that will best address the patient's needs. Each patient works toward specific, attainable goals with measurable objectives that are unique to their individualized treatment plan.  The exact length of stay will depend on the patient's progress toward recovery. Upon completion of formal treatment, the patient continues to receive aftercare support.  
Our therapeutic programs include cessation, detoxification, rehabilitation, and aftercare support through the reintegration of the patient with the life-skills required for sustained recovery.  We offer the patient and their family the necessary education and tools for sustained recovery.
Recovery begins with the patient deciding that something different may be better than the current circumstances in their life, and choosing to try change.

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