As in the treatment of addictions, it is essential to act directly with the parents and families of young people to promote their correct development and avoid the emergence of addictions and other risky behaviors.It is in the family where the person assimilates the fundamental learnings for his life and, therefore, it is in the family where more can act to prevent.Aware of this, the MonteAlminara Centre develops a comprehensive programme of support actions for families in this objective, which includes:Schools of families. 

It is done with the associations of mothers and parents of students (AMPAS) of the schools and other related entities. They address aspects such as norms and communication in the family, conflict resolution or addiction to new technologies.Personal growth groups for family members. 

They are a meeting place, guidance and help for families who start a treatment and those who begin to detect the problem. There are different levels that allow to deepen according to the needs of each family.Individualized orientation. It can be done by complementing the previous actions or also independently when the situation requires a more personal and/or discrete approach. It is carried out in individual and family sessions with the psychologist responsible for the orientation, either in the ambulatory center of MonteAlminara or in the place that is most convenient in each situation.

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