Youth prevention

Youth prevention

This is a highly demanded service due to the need to adequately prepare young people and the shortage of specialized resources available today.

Most of the time, it is the schools themselves that request preventive activities directed to the students but also can do the associations of mothers and parents, as well as other interested entities.

The key to prevention activities lies in adapting the program's methodology and contents to the real needs of young people. Traditional campaigns with information on drugs, testimonies of former addicts or the intervention of members of the security forces must be well planned and coordinated by professionals of addictions to act in a really Prevent messages that can be counterproductive.

The MonteAlminara Center has a team of professionals of contrast and extensive training in prevention of addictions that, together with a long and reputed professional experience, allows to develop the best materials and dynamics of prevention with young and Adolescents.

Proof of this is the status of "ICT expert" held by the MonteAlminara Center within the National parent Organization 2.0 for the protection, prevention and treatment of children and young people in the face of new technologies, in cases such as mobile addiction, Internet and other problems related to them.


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