Mental health and addiction treatment center

MonteAlminara is a licensed, private addictions treatment center specializing in treating people with substance use disorders related to psychoactive drugs (cocaine, cannabis, heroin, pills, etc.), alcohol, and other pathological behavioral addictions such as gambling, sex, or new technologies (mobile phones, internet and video games), and associated co-occurring mental health disorders.

The center provides all phases of treatment in English, offered by native English speaking therapists, to achieve communicative and cultural harmony with patients.

The disease model-treatment approach includes focus on physiological, educational, social, psychological, and existential aspects of recovery in all phases of the patient care continuum.

MonteAlminara addictions treatment facility is located away from urban centers, in natural surroundings near the town of Moclinejo, Malaga.

MonteAlminara additionally has an outpatient clinic located in downtown Malaga.

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Medical and Therapeutic Excellence

We have a multidisciplinary team of experts specializing in addictions to include; physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, and educators with extensive experience and expertise in all phases of detoxification and rehabilitation of patients offering our daily therapeutic programs and 24 hour health care.

Private and exclusive

The privacy of MonteAlminara Center allows an appropriate limit in the number of patients seen at the same time so as to ensure exclusivity in the given treatments and the highest level of care, discretion and anonymity of patients and their families.  Its location, in a natural environment away from population centers is ideal for maintaining privacy.

Bilingual and bicultural Treatment

MonteAlminara offers all phases of treatment in native English and Spanish language, with full cultural understanding.

Individualized attention

Treatment is individualized for each patient, with focus on therapeutic needs, and consideration for family and professional life.

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24 hour telephone service


Professionals at your service


18 single and double rooms


2500 m² of facilities

Meet our specialists

Addiction specialists that make up our team


MonteAlminara is a clinic specialized in treating people with disorders related to the use of psychoactive substances (drugs, alcohol, tobacco) and pathological behaviors such as addictions to gambling, sex or new technologies.

  • Therapeutic medical excellence
  • Private, exclusive and reserved
  • Bilingual treatment
  • Individualized attention